The Day God Sang

Apr 26, 2020    Pastor Greg Wagoner

On day 6 or creation there is some phrasing in verse 27 that gives us a repetitive poetic pattern that leans into a thought that the day God sang was the day He created man. One commentator states: The making of man is so ushered in as to show that at length the work of creation had reached its perfection and ultimate goal. This first chapter of Genesis is the chapter of mysteries, and just as “the wind of God” in Genesis 1:2 was the pregnant germ which grew into the revelation of the Holy Ghost, so in Elohim, the many powers concentrated in one being, lies the germ of the doctrine of a plurality of persons in the Divine Unity. It is not a formal proof of the Trinity, nor do believers in the inspiration of Holy Scripture so use it. What they affirm is, that from the very beginning the Bible is full of such germs, and that no one of them remains barren, but all develop, and become Christian truths. There is in this first book a vast array of figures, types, indications, yearnings, hopes, fears, promises, and express predictions, which advance onwards like an ever-deepening river, and when they all find a logical fulfillment in one way, the conclusion is that that fulfillment is not only true, but was intended.