The People of God Multiply

Jan 1, 2023    Pastor Greg Wagoner

It's interesting that in Exodus 1 and 2, God's name is hardly mentioned. I'm sure for the people who lived then, God seemed mostly absent. What they could see was Pharaoh: Pharaoh who enslaved them, and Pharaoh who wanted to kill their children; Pharaoh the most powerful person on the earth. But look carefully, and you see God's hand. The more the Israelites were oppressed, the more they multiplied. When Pharaoh ordered that the male children be killed, two midwives ignored the orders and allowed them to live. When one Israelite family could no longer hide their three-month old son, they placed him in the Nile, and the baby was found and adopted by Pharaoh's daughter and became a member of the royal court. Despite being in Egypt, despite being oppressed, and despite being threatened, God continues to prosper Israel. He continues to keep His promise. It's just the same today. Even when sin is at its worst, even when God's people are most under attack, God is still at work.