Shielded and Sheltered

Dec 9, 2020    Pastor Greg Wagoner

In every Psalm of distress we find the author being honest about his situation. There is certainly merit in the realization of how I feel about what is happening around me. We don’t have to hide our fears, dismiss our frustration, or lie about our anxiety. These are all genuine responses to various situations. We cannot necessarily control how we feel. Our feelings, more times than not, are involuntary. Feelings flow through our being based on both our nature and our nurture. So, no...We cannot necessarily control how we feel BUT we are in control of how we respond to our feelings. There is an allowance of space that gives me freedom. Freedom as to how I will respond to my feelings. The Psalmist is honest about how he feels then he reminds himself of God’s presence and God's power. He recognizes that while he is not in control of those who trouble him nor his feelings, he knows God is ultimately in control of him, his enemies, and his eternity. Therefore, he can respond to a negative circumstance in a positive way with a healthy frame of mind and eternal world view because in Christ he is shielded & he is sheltered in the arms of God.