What we believe at Fellowship Baptist Church


  1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. The Old and New Testaments are complete and inerrant.

  2. Man was created by the direct act of God.

  3. God manifests as the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  4. We believe in the virgin birth and physical incarnation of Jesus as a baby.

  5. Christ is identified as the living, one and only Son of God.

  6. Christ was the vicarious Lamb sacrificed on the Cross whose shed blood is for the forgiveness of mankind’s sin.

  7. Jesus Christ resurrected bodily from the tomb. The tomb is empty.

  8. Jesus Christ alone has the power to redeem men from sin.

  9. Once saved, man experiences a new birth through regeneration of the Holy Spirit.

  10. The gift of eternal life is from God alone.

  11. The imminent return of Christ to call his church home.

  12. The eternal security of the believer: once saved; always saved.

  13. Water baptism does not save. It is done in obedience and emulation of Christ. Submersion baptism is required for church membership.

  14. The nation of Israel and the Jewish people have a special place still in God’s plan.

  15. All human life is sacred including: the unborn, the aged, the mentally impaired, and the physically impaired.

  16. Biblical marriage is a spiritual and physical union between one man and one woman. Marriages are performed at the sole discretion and approval of the lead pastor.